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Struggling with unaffordable debt?

  • Living with debt can have a huge impact on your everyday life and relationships
  • Through us, creditors write off an average 70% of unsecured client debt
  • No more creditor contact and your interest/charges will be frozen, once your IVA has been approved
  • Over £325m of client debt has been written off in the past 18 months
  • We work closely with Citizen’s Advice and the wider Free Money Advice sector
  • To find out more about how an IVA could help you, call us today on 0333 939 7919 or contact our team of experts below
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What our clients say

Is an IVA the solution for me?

It could be! We will first have a look at your circumstances before discussing your options but if you meet all the criteria below, an IVA could be the solution to your recovery from debt!


  • Debts of over £7,000
  • Debts are owed to 1 or more creditors
  • A monthly surplus of £50


Some advantages of an IVA include:

  • All interest and charges on your debts are legally stopped during an IVA
  • Your creditors are prevented from contacting you or taking legal action
  • Assets such as your property, vehicle, job or tenancy are protected

What is an IVA?

5 Steps to Recovery

5 steps contact

Contact & Review

When you get in touch with us, we will discuss your circumstances and review your situation and debt level.

5 steps help advice

Help & Advice

After we review your circumstances, we will then advise on what debt solutions are available to you and let you know if we think your best option is an IVA. If you are happy to go ahead with this, we will then draft a proposal for your Individual Voluntary Arrangement and send to you for review.

If we don’t believe an IVA to be the right solution for you, we will recommend the best place for you to contact for free money advice on your situation.

5 steps, approval


If you are happy with your IVA draft proposal, we will then send it off to your creditors and if the majority of them agree to your proposal, it becomes approved and we can begin your IVA journey.

5 steps journey

IVA Journey

When your proposal is approved, we will set up your monthly payments and have a chat with you about what happens next. We will give you an annual review at the end of every year in your IVA to make sure that you are still happy with your plan and coping with your payments.

5 steps completion


When you successfully make all of your planned payments, we will contact your creditors to get their confirmation that they are writing off the remainder of your debt and then we will issue your Certificate of Completion. Congratulations!


Have a look at some of the teams you will be dealing with during your time with us, we hope you get a good idea of why we enjoy what we do here at Aperture and how we can help!

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