A New Dawn, A New Day

Posted: 28th Sep 2015

By Rory McGimpsey

The 17th August 2015 saw the dawn of a bright new future for Grant Thornton IVA. On this date, we re-branded ourselves as Aperture, Experts in Brighter Futures! We are really excited about our new brand, and can’t wait to share our thrilling story with you.

So who are Aperture, and what makes us ‘Experts in Brighter Futures’? As part of the wider Grant Thornton brand, we have been transforming the lives of our clients for almost 20 years by helping them recover from debt, and emerge into a brighter future, free from financial hardship.

Over 30,000 clients have benefitted from our expertise and guidance in that time, and we have built a strong, solid reputation in the market as a consequence. What really differentiates Aperture is our values, we care deeply about our clients and are committed to making their lives better. We have no hesitation in shouting that our staff are nothing short of experts at what they do!

The idea for Aperture was conceived by Gareth Neill and Mark Allen, the partners that built up the Grant Thornton IVA practice. Gareth and Mark have literally transformed the lives of thousands of clients by helping them recover from debt. With such a successful and respected brand, you might ask: why change a winning formula?

Despite the undoubted success of the Grant Thornton IVA brand, Gareth and Mark recognised that our clients needed something more; something extra to help them see the long awaited light at the end of the tunnel. Our clients needed Aperture! And so this exciting re-brand was born. That’s what Aperture stands for, experience and expertise to help our clients emerge from a difficult period in their lives.

The re-brand followed a period of extensive feedback from our clients, where we asked them what they truly valued about our service. We then used this feedback to build the values and brand pillars that we pledge to hold ourselves to as Aperture, caring, non-judgemental, and respectful. After all, if these values are important to our clients, they are important to us!

Grant Thornton UK LLP will still have a significant interest in Aperture and so we will have the backing of this respected company, with the agility to re-focus our brand as Aperture, consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. That’s the really exciting thing about Aperture, introducing something new to the market and our clients, while retaining all the brilliant things we did as Grant Thornton IVA!

Despite Aperture being only a few weeks’ old, the office is already buzzing with excitement, evidenced through our social media accounts and our new website, which epitomise all that is best about our brand: exciting, fresh, and client-focused! Have you visited our FacebookLinkedIn or Twitter accounts yet? There is also a wealth of information on the Aperture brand and vision on our website. Check it out at www.apertureiva.com.

We have also just hosted the first in our series of Autumn 2015 seminars in Belfast and Newcastle, and Gareth will be hosting quite a few more around the UK! Find out when and where your nearest seminar is and how to register.

Working at Aperture is a privilege because we get to see life-changing work every day. Gareth always stresses that we save lives here, something that is reinforced by our pioneering “Psychology of Debt” research.

As part of the variations team, I see lives changed on a daily basis. Only last week when I asked one of my clients what being debt free meant to him, he was emphatic in his response: “A fresh start.” The Aperture re-brand is a fresh start for everyone, and we can’t wait to be a part of that fresh start for our clients. As an Aperture advisor, I am looking forward to demonstrating something that we’ve all been for some time, an expert in brighter futures!

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