Aperture’s spring seminars are coming!

Posted: 3rd Feb 2017

By Rory McGimpsey

On Tuesday 7 March, Aperture, in partnership with the Money Advice Service (MAS), will be hosting the first of this year’s Spring Seminars at its Belfast office (see below for further details). The practice has run these free seminars for the past 14 years; they provide invaluable engagement with the free advice sector and are a great forum for discussing themes and trends in the money advice industry. All money advisors are welcome to attend and learn more about our research, some topical issues within the industry, our work with The Money Advice Service and some initiatives that we have run that highlight our status as “Experts in brighter futures.”

Firstly, we will be discussing the findings from an ongoing research project that we’ve initiated in partnership with the Psychology Department at Queen’s University, Belfast. The project centres on changes that we’ve made to our client interaction which have been designed to improve the client experience we offer. The project has sought to modify how we communicate with our clients, especially in relation to making an emotional connection with clients and providing the best means of support throughout the client journey. The project reflects our belief in the importance of emotional intelligence and underlines Aperture’s core values; namely caring, non-judgmental, respectful and excellence.

We are also delighted that the Money Advice Service will be represented at the event. MAS will discuss details of a pilot project they’ve been completing with us in relation to newly approved IVAs. The project applied behavioural science techniques at the advice and nominee stages of arrangements. The project was designed to use these techniques to establish good habits at the beginning of the IVA process, which would ultimately help facilitate the successful completion of arrangements.

With help from MAS, Aperture advisors helped clients undertake detailed reviews of their income and expenditure and provided greater assistance with the setting up of their IVA payment plan. A comparison was then made between clients who’d gone through the MAS Project and those who’d gone through the normal advice procedure to establish if those clients were less likely to miss payments to their IVA. While still ongoing, initial indications are that the project has been a success.

That’s not all, though. Our Client Service Managers will also be discussing Early Settlement Loans in the context of voluntary arrangements and outlining how that option might work for those clients who meet the lender’s criteria and have a desire to try and bring the IVA to a close earlier than was originally envisaged. An exciting itinerary is in prospect, therefore, for what promises to be a great series of events. For details of your local seminar and how to register, you can call 0333 987 0033, or e-mail seminars@aperture.uk.com .

Our seminars are free to attend and include a complimentary lunch. You will also have the chance to win attendance to the Institute of Money Advisors annual conference. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

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