At Aperture, we believe that our clients should be able to choose how they interact with us; so we have a fantastic team of Client Service Managers who offer face-to-face advice meetings and support. Their collective experience and knowledge in the industry allows Aperture to offer our clients the best quality advice in an environment that suits them best.

Our Client Service Managers tell us that one of the best part of their jobs is working directly with the customer and being able to sit down and discuss their options face-to-face, as it can help make the process less daunting than imagined!

Client Service Managers

Karen Bridson MIMA (Cert)

Client Service Associate Director – North West and North Wales

Karen has been with us for over 12 years now and having spent more than 20 years working with Citizens Advice. She has a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the industry. Karen’s favourite part of her job is working face-to-face with people because it is so much more personal than over the phone.

“Being able to sit with people, learn about them and their circumstances and be able to create a plan that provides them with a way forward that will protect them and their family is the best job satisfaction I could ask for. I feel like I am genuinely making a difference in people’s lives and futures.”

Dawn Pryce MIMA (Cert) AIPA

Client Service Manager – Midlands & South Wales

Dawn came to Aperture (Grant Thornton) over 13 years ago, having previously spent 11 years working in the litigation department for a high-street bank and then 2 years managing the personal insolvency/IVA team at KPMG.

Since joining the advice sector Dawn feels the biggest difference working face-to-face with a client is having a real appreciation of how debt affects a person and every aspect of their lives. Being able to sit with someone and discuss their options together provides much more scope to tailor advice to individual needs.

“Working face-to-face with clients allows me to really appreciate the client’s state of mind and see how they are coping – or not as may often be the case. Clients often comment how a personal meeting gives them so much more confidence in the process, as well as a real sense that they are not facing the problem alone.”

Gillian Downing MIMA (Cert)

Client Service Manager – Yorkshire & Humber

Gillian has been offering face-to-face money advice for over 20 years now and believes that working face-to-face really benefits her clients, more so than working over the phone or online because it helps both the client and herself to get a true understanding of a person’s circumstances and explain their options.

“When I first sit with a client, they mostly are at a point where they cannot see a way forward. Being able to sit with a client one-on-one, go through their documents and speak to them about what options are available to them, I believe, is so much more personal.

Clients have told me how much easier it is for them to understand the process by discussing it face-to-face and being able to understand it better takes a lot of the fear and worry out of it.”

Beth Forbes MIMA (Cert)

Client Service Manager – London & South East

Beth joined us from South West London Law Centres where she had been providing face to face debt advice for the past three years. As an accredited money advisor, Beth recognises the value of non-judgmental, individually tailored, holistic advice to find the best solution for clients to resolve their financial problems.

‘Insolvency as a solution can seem incredibly daunting to clients initially so the provision of face to face appointments aids to dispel the myths and stigma associated with formal debt solutions allowing clients to make an informed decision on the best way to make a fresh start. I feel very privileged to be able to be part of that journey.

It is fantastic to be able to offer a flexible, creative solution which provides clients who have often been struggling for long time with a light at the end of the tunnel.’

Karen Young MIMA (Cert)

Client Service Manager – North East & Cumbria

Having previously worked with Gateshead Citizens Advice and built up over 15 years’ experience in the Money Advice Sector, Karen has worked with people with all levels of debt and from all walks of life. She believes that no matter what your circumstances, there is always a solution out there for you.

“It’s a great feeling seeing the look of relief on someone’s face, going from believing they had no options to looking at a plan that will see them free from unsecured debt in a few years!”

Linda Wilson

Client Service Manager – Northern Ireland

Having worked as an Outreach and Money Advisor with the Citizens Advice before joining us 11 years ago, Linda has a vast amount of experience with all levels of debt and a real understanding of the effects of struggling with debt on a person’s life and mental health.

“The most rewarding part of my job is watching someone go from nervous and concerned when I first meet them, to more re-assured and confident in a plan that could help them become completely free from their unsecured debt.

So many people have told me that they simply did not think they had any options and never thought they would be in a place where they had control of their debts. Being able to give someone back this control and help them plan for the future is a great feeling.”

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