How to keep the kids entertained during the Easter Break

Wednesday 17 April, 2019 Families

Holidays can be a difficult time for parents when the children are used to the busy hustle bustle of school life and keeping them entertained throughout the break can prove a task. In this blog we will list a few fun filled activities that won’t cost the earth and are sure to go down a treat with the children. All things Easter of course!

Make some yummy chocolate nests

This is great fun for the children as we know they love to get their little hands sticky. All the extra chocolate around the house during Easter time can be used as the main ingredient, simply melt down the chocolate eggs in a pan, around 225g of chocolate along with 50g of butter, then add 75g of rice krispies and stir. You can then scoop the mix out into bun cases pressing a spoon in the middle so that they are nest shaped and can be filled and decorated with all the favourite toppings. Voila! Just like that.

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide a few treats around the house/garden and watch the children scramble to find them. To add an extra element of fun you could make clue cards to help guide the children to where the treats are hidden. All this running around is a great way to burn off all their excess energy.

Explore the great outdoors

As the seasons change and we say hello to Spring, this is a great time to go exploring! Although the Easter holidays don’t always guarantee good weather, if you find yourself with a nice day or two, take full advantage. Few things are cheaper than going on a walk and it’s the perfect time to see the new baby lambs frolicking in the fields. You could even take a picnic with you along the way, play a few games of ‘I spy’ or have the children pick some flowers for fun.

Get Crafty

We’re all aware of the good old decorate the egg game. Make some hard-boiled eggs (hard boiled being the crucial part here if your children have butterfingers) and lay out some paint/markers and have the children decorate them. Allow them to decorate the eggs however they like and have them display them when they’re complete! This is a cheap and cheerful task that is sure to keep them occupied for hours.

Visit a Farm

One of the most iconic parts of the Easter festival is the Easter bunny which I’m sure your children would be more than thrilled to see around the Easter period. Why not take a day trip to a petting farm and let your children make some furry friends? Many farms and petting farms do not charge an entry fee and simply ask for a small donation at the end of your visit. Simply search ‘free farms near you’ on the internet to find the closest farm and begin planning your day out.

Egg and Spoon Race

This is a classic game that will have the kids laughing right up until the finish line. All that is required is a teaspoon and some eggs (again, hard boiled!!) Start them off at a finish line with one arm behind their back, if the eggs falls they must go back to the start, the first to cross the finish line without dropping their egg is the winner.