The Best Budgeting Apps for 2018

Wednesday 18 July, 2018 Budgeting

We all know how difficult it is to live our lives on a budget, the word ‘budget’ alone is enough to inflict dread in some. However, the days of spending great amounts of time creating a budget only to spend the same, if not more, managing and tweaking it, are gone.

Since the introduction of budgeting apps, the budgeting process has become a whole lot easier, helping you save money and take charge of your financial future.

There are hundreds of different budgeting apps to choose from, available for both iPhone and Android, most of which making budgeting pain-free. The apps included in this article have made it here for their popularity, effectiveness, and ease.


A personal finance and expense tracker in one, Mint allows you to effortlessly manage your money in one place. Create realistic budgets you can stick to, track expenses, create and manage your financial goals all for FREE. With the Mint budgeting app, users receive weekly summaries of their finances, along with customised tips for saving.

Available for both iPhone and Android, Mint comes from Intuit Inc. the name behind QuickBooks, and comes with a credit score tracker letting you know where you stand.


To most what comes to mind when seeing ‘wally’ is where’s wally? However, to the well-organized and focused individual, Wally is a colourful, easy to use tool to manage personal finances, allowing you a “360 view” of your money- what comes in, what goes out, where it goes, your budget and what you have saved.

Available for free on both iPhone and Android, Wally breaks your expenditures into categories, creating charts to easily show what you have spent your money on. One of the app’s special features is that it eliminates time spent entering expenses, as it gives users the option to scan their receipts by simply taking a photo of them.


This app lets users feel like money does grow on trees, helping them to make the most of their money and save as they go. OnTrees uses sorted categories and charts allowing users to see exactly where their money is going, enabling them to make informed financial decisions.

Available on both iPhone and Android, OnTrees connects to the user’s bank account, ensuring the information is always up to date and customers can even receive detailed information about their spending habits. The app is easy to set up and even easier to use.


Another FREE budget app, Goodbudget helps users save for big expenses, create a tailored budget that works for them and even lets users share that budget with family and friends.

This app presents itself as an envelope budgeting method (keeping cash for different uses in different envelopes) only in the 21st century- allowing users to stick to their budgets without the hassle and difficulties of keeping actual cash in physical envelopes. Available on both iPhone and Android.

For most, the choice of which budgeting app to use will come down to individual preference. With the help of these budgeting apps, users can become a more effective budgeter, which can be a key difference between a successful or an un-successful IVA.