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Our Process - What Happens Now

Aperture are the UK's leading Insolvency Practitioner and can offer you a debt solution to help write off unaffordable debt.

One of our expert advisors will call you from a number starting 0161 468...

Your advisor will go through your debts and see how much you can afford each month.

They will discuss all options available to you so you can make an informed decision.

IVA Example

Find out how an Aperture IVA can reduce your debt by up to 85%.

Unsecured Debts

Bank Loans£3,500
Council Tax Arrears£2,500
Credit Cards£5,400
Payday Loan£1,900

This example is for illustration purposes only and based on a typical 60 month IVA. Monthly payments and debt written off are based on individual circumstances.

Monthly Repayments