I would like to make you aware of an option that may become available to you in the future.

Strict criteria apply and not all our clients become eligible for application. At this stage, based on your conduct to date, you may be eligible to apply in 12 months, if you continue to conduct your IVA in a similar fashion by making your agreed monthly payments on time.

We have partnered with Asgard Financial Services Limited (trading as Sprout Loans), who is a regulated unsecured direct lender specialising in providing IVA early settlement loans for people who have been in an IVA for over 34 months. The loan from “Sprout” is exclusively to make a settlement/exit offer to creditors.

If creditors accept the early settlement offer, you will pay off the IVA 2 years earlier than scheduled and receive your IVA completion certificate shortly thereafter. Your IVA payments will then be replaced with a monthly payment to “Sprout” for the agreed term of your loan.

Representative example: Borrow £2,000 over 24 months at Representative 39.9% APR and an Interest rate of 39.9% p.a. (fixed) with monthly repayments of £116.06 and a total amount repayable £2,785.50

You don’t need to do anything now and please do not contact Sprout directly, as all introductions to Sprout must be made through Aperture, who will make the introduction to Sprout should you be eligible to apply in year 3. Please note Sprout will not accept applications for early settlement prior to year 3.This notification is simply to make you aware of this future possible option.

We will contact you in 12 months, should you still be considered eligible.

Note: Minimum initial qualifying criteria includes; your IVA is up to date with no more than one missed payment in the last 12 months with no current IVA arrears or council tax arrears.

Feedback from individuals who have opted for IVA early settlement can be viewed on the Sprout reviews site.


You may wish to take independent financial advice before proceeding with an application.